Welcome to the Parks in Focus blog!

What happens when you take underserved middle-schoolers out of their comfort zones and into some of our country’s most celebrated parks, give them digital cameras, and introduce them to all new sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and adventures?  What happens to the leaders who coordinate, teach, guide, comfort, mentor, entertain, protect, engage, inspire, and support them along the way? The partners who come alongside to share resources? Or the family and friends who watch it all happen?

When they see the Grand Canyon for the first time, will youth from Tucson feel the same way the youth from East Palo Alto feel when arriving at Yosemite National Park? Will the images captured by our participants from more rural backgrounds look different than those captured by participants who have never left the city—even though neither group spends much time outdoors when not engaged with Parks in Focus? 

How does using photography as a tool for connecting underserved youth to nature work?

Find out here! This summer, you’ll hear from the youth participants, the trip coordinators, our partners, and maybe even from a parent or two.

Follow the first-ever Parks in Focus blog as we travel, investigate, and report all this and much, much more.

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Parks in Focus (PIF) is a program of the Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation.  

For more information about Parks in Focus, contact us.  

To provide much needed support for current and future Parks in Focus programming, click here.

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