Report from the Park: Arizona Trip Two (Part One)

If you don’t stake down your tent during set up, chances are you’ll be doing it in the middle of the night with rocks.

Though one night of interrupted sleep did nothing to curb the success of the trip, this is just one of the many lessons learned during the second of two trips for youth from the Tucson Boys & Girls Clubs to northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

Other highlights include:

  • A refreshing swim at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in a pool created by a beaver dam
  • Building a model watershed and demonstrating how pollution is distributed
  • A fascinating discussion with a fire manager from the Forest Service (yay Brian!) about the pros and cons of forest fires
  • Making friends at Mather Campground with some Eagle Scouts who encouraged our group for the Grand Canyon hike and got one participant in particular interested in joining the Scouts
  • A breath-taking sunset at Hopi Point during the first night at Grand Canyon National Park

Photo highlights of the kids can be viewed below. Stay tuned for part two coming July 10th!

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