Traveling Team Update: We Made it to Missoula!

The Traveling Team spent the last two days driving from San Francisco, California to Missoula, Montana.  What a trip—from the foggy Bay Area through rolling hills, to dry sage-brush deserts and the Snake River corridor.  Stay tuned for more updates and slideshows from the Parks in Focus: California trip over the next week, and check out the Montana page for more information on our trip next week.

Switching gears, we’re meeting with the Montana participants this afternoon for a pre-trip activity.  The kids have already gone on three local day hikes: to Greenough Park, Sawmill Gulch, and Mt. Sentinal.  The day hikes were a great opportunity for the group to practice their photography and naturalist skills—at Sawmill Gulch we were told they even saw a black bear!

Even though the local trailheads are only a 15-minute drive out of town, a majority of the kids didn’t know the trails existed and hadn’t hiked them before! That’s one of the things we love about Parks in Focus: we get to introduce youth to the wonders of national parks and the wonders of their own backyards!

Until next time,

Brian, Elena + Lauren (The Traveling Team)

3 thoughts on “Traveling Team Update: We Made it to Missoula!

  1. I miss your fine company already! Road trip back through CA, please? Family night was really fun, but we all wished you could have been there to celebrate with us! I have some mail from the CA youth to send your way 🙂

  2. Yay team! Please make us a snowman at Glacier and send a photo. We Arizonans need a cool reminder in this desert heat!

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