Parks in Focus Sees Double!

This week, Parks in Focus is running overtime—with trips starting today in Montana and in Arizona!

 Parks in Focus: Montana will introduce twelve Missoula youth to the mountains of Glacier National Park. It should be an interesting trip: because of record snow packs, some of the passes (like Logan Pass, seen below on last year’s trip) are still covered! Don’t worry – we’re bringing extra clothes and adjusting our hiking plans.  We’re not going to let a bit of snow bring us down! The trip kicks off this afternoon with an introduction by NPS staff and a hike along an oxbow lake.  Stay tuned for featured photos starting Thursday!

Grand Canyon in Focus is a special trip for 12 youth chosen from the earlier trips in June.These young leaders get to spend 5 nights and 6 days in the Grand Canyon, exploring more of the park from the rim to the river.   This is the third year of the program, thanks to generous sponsorship from Grand Canyon National Park.  Today the group arrives from Tucson and sets up camp; tomorrow the trip really starts with a photography workshop and service project.  Stay tuned for photos at the beginning of August!

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