Twice the Trips, Twice the Adventures!

Despite dealing with some rain, both Parks in Focus trips last week were successful!

In Montana, youth explored glacier-carved valleys, hiked through fields of wildflowers, ventured up to the snow-covered Continental Divide, and ended the trip with a fantastic campfire talent show.  In Arizona, participants floated down the Colorado River, toured Kolb Studios, traveled through layers of time on a geology hike, and wowed park staff with their song and dance skills.

Both groups also met with the park’s current Artist-in-Residence; in Glacier to write poems and in Grand Canyon to create a song—stay tuned for samples of the kids’ work!  Featured photos from Montana started last Thursday and photos from the Grand Canyon in Focus trip are available on our Twitter site.  More photos and updates from both trips will be on the blog soon!

For now, can anyone help the Parks in Focus: Montana youth identify this bird call? We heard it on the hike up to Avalanche Lake, at about 3,900 feet along a cold glacier spring in a cedar/hemlock forest. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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