Through Their Eyes: Photographs Created by the Youth from Montana

Congratulations to our Montana photographers from the Boys & Girls Club of Missoula County—Ana, Brian, Evelyn, Kaden, Kayla, Landen, Loran, Olivia, Seth, Sierra, and Trentan!

Highlights from the five-day immersion trip featuring Avalanche Lake, Hidden Meadow, Lake McDonald, and Logan Pass are below.

Can’t get enough of Parks in Focus? Stay tuned for updates from the first and second half of our Montana trip coming soon.

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5 thoughts on “Through Their Eyes: Photographs Created by the Youth from Montana

  1. Amazing photos, all! I especially enjoyed the shots of the snowpack (by Kayla) and the tiger beetle (by Olivia). It looks (and sounds) like you had an amazing trip!

  2. I have never been to Glacier National Park, but after looking at these photos I am determined to make a trip to Montana. One of my closest friends just spent 6 weeks in the park doing research for her graduate program, and she said it was so incredibly beautiful. The photos from the PIF trip helped me get a better mental picture of some of the places she was working.

    1. Hi Karen – that’s a great question. We haven’t worked out the logistics of photo-purchasing yet, but we’re looking into it. We would also be excited to create a Parks in Focus photo book of some kind, but we don’t have the funding to take on that kind of thing at the moment. Hopefully down the road…you’re on to something, though – we should be featuring this work and promoting our kids by creating hand-out-ables (i.e. notecards, postcards, books, etc.) and hope to move that direction in the future.
      Thanks for your wonderful blog participation, Melissa Millage

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