Report from the Park: Montana (Part Two)

Part two of our reflections and photos from the Parks in Focus: Montana trip:

The extreme increase in snowfall this winter at Glacier National Park had an impact on the second half of our trip: on one hand, our hike to Hidden Meadow was overflowing with wildflowers because of the extra moisture; on the other, we weren’t able to hike on Logan Pass due to large amounts of snow still remaining! The wildflower discovery on day 3 led to some great macro-photography (Indian paintbrush, lupine, daisies, yarrow…the list goes on and on!) and we also got in some bird watching.  We wrapped up the day with a special treat of fresh-baked cookies from the Polebridge Mercantile. Then we ventured out for a night hike, emulating different nocturnal animals to find out how we would do in the dark!

On day 4, we drove up Going to the Sun road, which heads up the mountains to Logan Pass on top of the Continental Divide.  Though we couldn’t go far (again, because of the snow), we were able to wander around the visitor’s center to take in the amazing views.  The kids were fascinated by the Columbian Ground Squirrels, one of the few animals that lives at that elevation since they only have about three months free of snow!  We also stopped by an overlook for Jackson Glacier, one of the few actually remaining in the park.  Participants wowed us that night during the talent show by singing to us, telling jokes, and showing off their dance moves!

The trip wrapped up with a kayaking and canoeing adventure on Lake McDonald.  After pizza, “You Rock” awards, and lots of hugs, the kids headed back to Missoula.  A huge thank you to the Glacier Foundation for much-needed funds, Glacier National Park for being a wonderful partner, and the Glacier Boat Company for donating the use of their boats to us.

Take a look back at the report from the first half of the trip and photos by the kids from this Montana trip!

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