Report from the Park: Grand Canyon in Focus

I love Parks in Focus because at home we never go on walks and out here we are always on the go, always doing something.—Anissa, age 11

The Udall Foundation partnered with Grand Canyon National Park for the third year in a row to bring Grand Canyon in Focus to 12 outstanding youth participants who showed excellence during classic Parks in Focus trips earlier in the summer. Photo highlights from the trip can be found below and on Flickr!

Thanks to Grand Canyon National Park’s incredible planning, support, and educators, our youth learned from professional photographers, floated down the Colorado River, collaboratively wrote a song, and captured the changing colors and textures of the Grand Canyon as rain and clouds danced with the sun.


  • Spontaneous group hugs throughout the trip
  • Cooking breakfast in a rainstorm
  • Baiting motion cameras to capture wildlife moving through the forest at night
  • Whitnessing four endangered California Condors
  • Photographing the sunset at Shoshone Point
  • Enjoying the serenity of watercolor painting on the rim
What else do the kids have to say?

“I want to be a photographer like Adam [Schallau].  I like how he knows when to make photos lighter and darker and when to use the flash.  I would love to travel to take photographs where there are beautiful places”—Vaeda, age 12

“Amazing.  There are lots of different areas like Ooh Aah Point and the Colorado River to soothe you.”—Tommy, age 12

Thank You!

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Jacob, Megan, Melanie, Bobbi, Iris, Brandon, and Shana at Grand Canyon National Park for all they did/do to support Parks in Focus and education in general; and Mike Buchheit and Adam Schallau for graciously giving of their time to share their photography expertise with the kids.

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