Parks in Focus – What’s the Impact?

Parks in Focus has a long and successful history of connecting kids to nature and parks through photography, but recently we started something new that we think will enrich the program, increase our impact, and expand our reach. Thanks to Film Creations, Ltd, we have a great video to help get us started! Featuring youth and leaders from our flagship program in Tucson, and providing a glimpse into the difference Parks in Focus can and does make on its participants.

Parks in Focus Video

Moreover, informal surveys taken before and after our immersion trips finds Parks in Focus youth:

  • Receive a quality educational experience (100%)
  • Learn new things about environmental science: ecology, geology, etc. (100%)
  • Learn new things about art and photography (97%)
  • Have a better understanding of what it means to be an environmental steward and public servant (97%)
  • Would recommend the program/experience to their friends (97%)
  • Want to have an opportunity like PIF again (97%)
  • Gained confidence in their skills and abilities (97%)
  • Are more interested in the outdoors than they were before PIF (97%)
  • Are more active now than before PIF (88%)

Stay tuned for more findings and stories of impacted youth, leaders, partners, and communities!

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