Traveling Team: The End of the Summer

We’ve reached the end of the summer classic trips!  Though Parks in Focus programs are continuing in Arizona, California, Montana, and Michigan, the Traveling Team has reached the end of the road.  Despite some long drives, we had a fabulous time exploring the amazing public lands that America has to offer—most places were a first for us, as well as the kids! Parks in Focus provides some great moments as leaders, from singing in the rain with participants, to watching a student master a photo-composition technique, laughing around campfires to watching comprehension dawn on faces as kids learn something new about nature. Thanks to all the Udall Coordinators for organizing such great trips and being such cool people!

To all the wonderful blog readers—keep supporting the program and helping us grow by spreading the word about Parks in Focus!


Brian, Lauren, and Elena (the 2011 Traveling Team)

3 thoughts on “Traveling Team: The End of the Summer

  1. I hope you three enjoyed your summer PIF adventures as much as Ashley, Katie, Sara and I enjoyed having you on our team. Thanks for an amazing summer!

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