Photo Aerobics!

Every Parks in Focus activity is designed to spark curiosity, educate through experience, and give participants the tools they need to:

  • Form a basic systems understanding of the natural world;
  • Creatively capture that world as they see, hear, smell, and sometimes taste it;
  • Effectively tell a story about what was learned and what was felt during the process and beyond.

On Parks in Focus immersion trips, we add more advanced elements of the above as well as components of park history + significance, introductions to outdoor + art careers, leadership development, teambuilding, and healthy living…We include a lot of hands-on lessons in our trips, and our subjects range from biological and water systems to Leave No Trace ethics to the rule of thirds in photography.

But we’re also proud of our program’s goofier side and truly believe that learning can and should be fun!

In this example, featuring “photo aerobics,” watch us encourage unique photo composition in a deliberate yet light-hearted way.

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