How Lake Superior Was Made: Lessons in Creative Storytelling

One of the greatest things about Parks in Focus is that it provides a creative outlet for participants to express their newly found enthusiasm for nature. During our final campfire at Pictured Rocks, Elena shared a story with the participants about how the stars were made. This inspired the participants to put their own creative writing skills to the test and create their own short story about how Lake Superior was made. Check out these two awesome, original pieces written by Parks in Focus participants in Michigan:


How Lake Superior was Made – by Olivia, age 11
One day the animals in the forest in the Upper Peninsula wanted warm water to swim in because the Arctic Ocean was too cold. So the otter swam to Father Water’s home deep in the Arctic Ocean.

“Father Waters, the animals would like warmer waters to swim in. Can you make warmer waters?” asked the otter.

Father Waters paused for a moment and replied “What you need to do is go to the top of the tallest glacier, pat it three times and wait three days and three nights.”

So the otter swam back up and jumped to the tallest glacier and patted it three times. The first day and night the glacier moved and began melting. The second day and night the glacier melted half way and moved even further. The third day and night the glacier melted and the water began to warm up. The next morning the animals called the new water Lake Superior and all animals called it that ever since and that is the story of how Lake Superior was made.


How Lake Superior was Made…by Tim, age 15
One day in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan all of the animals wanted some water around their land. So, they asked the holy spirit if he could give them a big giant lake to swim in and drink from. So, God told them that he could if they could agree on what shape they wanted this lake to be. So all the animals went into a circle and started brainstorming on a shape…except for one sneaky animal – the wolf! So sneaky as he was, the wolf went to God and told him what shape he wanted and what the rest of the group wanted and he told him a wolf. So from that moment until present, this lake has been known as Lake Superior and that’s why it’s shaped like the head of a wolf…  

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