Be One of the 120: Give a Kid a Camera!

Point.     Click.     Engage.     Transform.

Be One of the 120.   Give a Kid a Camera.   Donate before 11/30/11.

During the month of November, Parks in Focus supporters have an opportunity to get behind our mission and help us do more to connect underserved youth to nature through photography by participating in the “Give a Kid a Camera” campaign.

To meet the needs of our 2012 programs (outreach to 300+ youth), the Udall Foundation will purchase 120 new cameras for our kids. Each camera, memory card, camera case package costs $125. Please consider joining the “Give a Kid a Camera” campaign and contributing before November 30, 2011, the last day we’re able to order cameras at a discounted rate.

We have 15 cameras already, and the list of donors is growing. Don’t miss this chance to show your support.

Click here to donate online

Or Send a check to: Udall Foundation; Attn: Katherine McPherson (PIF); 130 S. Scott Avenue; Tucson, AZ 85701-1922

  • $125 buys the package (camera, memory, case)
  • $25 buys a camera share (grab 4 friends and you’re done!)
  • $10 provides the essential memory card or camera case

All donors will see their names added to the donor list (immediately if you give online), and will receive a thank you packet in the mail with a special gift from the kids.

We’ll be updating the blog and Facebook throughout the month to share our progress.

What are you waiting for?

If the 3-part blog series on Photography and Parks in Focus (I, II, III) didn’t demonstrate how unique our model and how essential the PIF program is to the kids we serve, perhaps the kids themselves can tell you via the video “What Photography Adds” below. Parks in Focus is more than a “nice to have” program for underserved youth; the model we’ve honed, the leaders we employ, and the partnerships we’ve built have created something transformative in the lives of the youth we serve. We want to do more.

2 thoughts on “Be One of the 120: Give a Kid a Camera!

  1. On Thanksgiving, I reflected on how many caring people I have in my life, which is something I am grateful for every day. Everybody needs someone in their life who can support them, especially youth in their most formative years. I made a donation to Parks in Focus because I believe that the true impacts of the kind of mentorship PIF provides are unquantifiable. Let’s keep this program going!

  2. I too, am thankful for those who care for me and for the opportunities I’ve had to support others. Thanks to Parks in Focus I’ve had some of the most amazing, inspirational moments of my life. Through allowing me to grow as an educator and do what I love most (spending time outdoors with kids), Parks in Focus has helped me re-discover the natural world, tap into my own inner-artist, and believe in the impact one person can have on a child’s life. Here’s to many more years of Parks in Focus!

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