Here We Go Again! – Arizona Summer Immersion Trip 2

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Though it was just two weeks ago that Parks in Focus leaders explored these areas, we knew that it would be an entirely different experience when the second group of kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Tucson arrived last  Monday at the Cave Springs Campground.  These were new campers with new challenges to face, and a fresh  set of eyes to soak up the unfamiliar terrain.

The sites we visited and games we played were identical to the first trip.  However, the group’s experience was sprinkled with differences and surprises like  Ranger Steven at Walnut Canyon National Monument who used props (like animal pelts and ancient pottery shards) to enliven his tour of the monument.  Additionally, we triumphantly hiked 5 miles during the challenge hike on Oak Creek Canyon’s West Fork Trail, surpassing the previous group’s goal of just a couple of miles.

The youth pushed their physical boundaries, practiced teamwork and collaboration skills, and nearly caught a fish using tree branches and old fishing line.  One youth, Jesus, decided his dream job would be working as a park ranger and learning about and sharing the cultural history of Arizona.  After several photography lessons in the parks, the kids learned about contrast, angles, points of view (including worm’s eye and bird’s eye ) and eagerly captured the most inspiring elements of nature.   Stay tuned to see some of these photos.
A warm thank you to the Western National Parks Association, Summit Hut, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) of Tucson, and Lowepro and Joby of DayMen US Inc who have made these summer experiences possible.  
Next stop: Grand Canyon National Park!

One thought on “Here We Go Again! – Arizona Summer Immersion Trip 2

  1. What a wonderful trip! It’s so great the kids get to go on these “fun outside” trips! Good work to all!

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