2013 Oklahoma Initiative: Week Two In Review

“I wish I was a kid again so I could sign up for Parks in Focus!”
~ Parent of PIF Participant

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Parks in Focus just wrapped up the second (and final) week of our spring 2013 initiative with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County [read more about it here] made possible by the Inasmuch Foundation.

Our second week kicked off with visits to Myriad Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City and photo critique sessions at the Boys & Girls Club, culminating with a weekend camping trip to one of the country’s most visited national wildlife refuges: Wichita Mountains. Our trip — which was the first time the majority of our participants had been camping — was chocked full of highlights, including:

  • Volunteering with the Friends of the Wichitas to assist in the removal of invasive vegetation and repairing fences damaged by recent storms.
  • Making s’mores and listening to coyotes yipping in the distance from our campsite. 
  • Incredible wildlife sightings including deer, turkeys and lizards, as well as the refuge’s flagship megafauna: bison, longhorn and elk.
  • Hiking to the top of Elk Mountain.
  • Exploring the top of Mt. Scott, the second highest point in the Wichita Mountains.
  • Light painting (taking pictures at night with cameras, tripods and glowsticks).

Check out the slideshow above to see some of our Week 2 adventures and stay tuned for more photos, stories and news about our Parks in Focus initiative in Oklahoma City!

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