Glacier 2013: Trip One Recap

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By: Courtney Bennett | Montana Summer Trip Leader

A couple of weeks ago, Parks in Focus wrapped up its first (of two) summer immersion trips to Glacier National Park in partnership with the park and the Glacier Institute. From July 1-5, eight middle school youth from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Missoula County explored some of Glacier’s most scenic trails, lakes and landscapes while using digital cameras to capture the finest details of their expedition.

Camping at the lower end of beautiful Lake McDonald, participants learned basic camping skills, Leave No Trace practices and wildlife safety. They hiked more than 9 miles in a 3-day period, pushing their limits as they experienced the park for the first time, and capturing all of their interests along the way as they learned about focus and composition, macro and landscape photography. Trip highlights included:

  • A polar bear plunge in the glacier fed Avalanche Lake
  • Hiking to the top of the Hidden Lake Lookout followed by the chance to sled back down the 1.5 mile trail to the Logan Pass Visitor Center
  • Experiencing Polebridge’s annual 4th of July parade
  • Traveling single-lane backroads to Bowman Lake in The North Fork area to capture photographs of the beautiful flora surrounding the lake.

Combined, the participants and staff took nearly 5,000 pictures and returned home with their new cameras and a furthered passion for the outdoors and photography. By the end of the trip, each participant had a nice collection of photos that appeared to be straight out of National Geographic. Stay tuned for highlights!

This trip was made possible by a generous grant from the National Park Service’s Youth Partnership Program. Additional program support is being provided by the Glacier Institute, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Missoula County, the Udall Foundation, the Glacier National Park Conservancy and Lowepro.

A huge thanks goes out to the amazing staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Missoula County and the Glacier Institute. They made for an amazing adventure and a huge success!

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