Parks in Focus Hosts Its First Outing with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson

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By: Joel Garcia | Tucson Trip Leader

On Saturday, April 12, Parks in Focus® hosted its first “Big & Little Outing” with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tucson. Ten matches (sets of Bigs & Littles) spent the day exploring the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum while using photography to connect to and learn about the Sonoran Desert.

The day kicked off with several icebreakers and trust-building exercises that allowed the matches to learn a little bit more about each other, improve their communication and have a few laughs. Participants were then introduced to basic photography concepts such as finding unique perspectives and using the macro (i.e. close-up) setting. The Bigs & Littles practiced these lessons throughout the day as they worked together to complete a photo scavenger hunt which took them through the grounds of the outdoor museum.

“The combination of being outdoors, with REAL animals, and getting to take as many pictures as [we] wanted was a huge hit!” ~ Participating “Big”

For more than half of the participants, Parks in Focus® provided their first experience at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, a must-see attraction in Tucson. The outing helped participants gain an appreciation for the Sonoran Desert while allowing each big and little to grow and work together as a team! Check out some of the photo highlights (from more than 1,700 photos taken that day) from the participating “Littles” above.

Parks in Focus® is excited to continue our efforts in Arizona with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tucson. Stay tuned!

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